Visual Aids

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Visual Aids

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This is a rough schematic of the electrical circuit of my machine. Mfg. date Feb. 1996. 120 volt model. The low heat circuit are terminals A and C. The high heat circuit are terminals B and D.

This is a rough wiring schematic of an older Pavoni with a three position switch (Lo/Off/HI) and pilot light. If you don't have a light, disregard the wires going to the light.

This is a rough wiring schematic of the newest Europiccola. Mfg. date 2000. 120 volt model.

This is a rough wiring schematic of a 230 volt Europiccola. Mfg. date March 1998.

This a a rough wiring schematic of a 230 volt European Professional Mfg. date April 2001

Shown are the retaining ring pliers, small screwdriver and ViperLube&reg.

10MM and 14MM wrenches and a wooden clothes pin.

Adjustable wrench, ViperLube®, Multitester, large philips screwdriver, flat tip screwdriver, and needle nose pliers

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Visual Aids

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