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Here are some other coffee sites. You can get other excellent links there for more information on coffee and espresso.

Official site of la Pavoni

How to Operate a la Pavoni

Coffee: Resources for Home Espresso

U.S.Part Sources:

European Gift & Houseware 514 So. 5TH Ave. Mt. Vernon N. Y. 10550 Phone: (914) 664-3448 ext. 102, 106, 107 Toll-Free: (800) 927-0277 Fax: (914) 664-3257 E-mail:

Thomas Cara Ltd. 517 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, California 94133

Phone# 1-415-781-0383 Fax# 1-415-781-7224

Canadian Part Sources:

Pol Electronics (See below for address and phone#)

De Luca Bros. Foods Int. Winnipeg, Manitoba Phone # 204-775-8605 (ask for Fabio)

U.K. Part sources:

Fairfax-The Espresso Centre (Spare parts only for U.K. based customers)

1 Regency Parade Finchley Road London NW3 5EQ

Phone +44(0)20 7722 7646 e-mail:

A E Stanton

67 Rothschild Road London W4 5NT

Tel: 020 8994 5105 Fax: 020 8995 8826

Espresso Services

Unit 11, 9 Munro Road Springkerse Industrial Estate Stirling FK7 7XQ

Tel 01786 460255 Fax 01786 460255



Always call around for the cheapest price on parts. They do vary and don't forget shipping charges!


The lubricant I use is made by Permatex, Loctite Division. It is called ViperLube® Item #36784 .42 Any industrial supply house should carry the item. Contact Loctite for a distributor in your area. If you can't get it, any U.S.D.A approved lubricant for food contact (H1) would be O.K. I previously recommended using Super Lube, it is no longer being made by Loctite. ViperLube has replaced it.

There is another lubricant that many food service web sites sell. It is called Haynes Lubri-Film Plus. It is also a H1 FDA approved lubricant for contact with food. It comes in a 4 oz. tube and sells for approx. $2.50 online.

Sealant for Heating Elements with Pressure Stats This sealant is made by Loctite. It is called Gasket Eliminator 515 Sealant. It is used under the flange of the brass tube that goes to the heating element. The other end of the tube goes to the pressure stat. A small tube costs roughly $11. It can be found on the Internet or you can buy it from Grainger if you qualify.

230 to 120 conversion:

Pol Electronics , in Canada, will convert your machine from 230 to 120. The cost to date is $80.00 U.S.(labor) plus parts. It isn't cheap but it is cheaper than buying a new machine. If anyone has had this worked performed at Pol or if you have another source, drop me a line.

Pol Electronics- 4465 Dunbar Street .Vancouver, BC. V6S-2G4. Canada

Phone: 604-225-0088 Fax: 604-225-0008 Email: Web Page:

Fiberglass sleeving & High Temperature wire

C.V.A. Inc. 4513 S. Beech Daly Rd. Dearborn Heights, MI. 48125 313-274-4959

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